Our strengths

Success comes of experience

For decades our family-managed company has been one of the leading wholesalers in the industry. Our well-trained and motivated staff of some 100 employees is the basis of our continuing success. With their expertise and intense personal dedication they work day in and day out to ensure that our customers are satisfi ed with all of the products and services we deliver.

Flat hierarchies, short lines of communication, and a lot of team spirit characterise daily operations in our business and ensure optimum results.


With an unerring sense of current market developments and a welldeveloped international network of business relationships, Wüst offers products and services at the highest level of quality.

You can count on it!

We set standards

The legal requirements for businesses in the food industry are especially stringent. We introduced a quality management system in 2004, and we are certifi ed in accordance with the International Food Standard.

We also have been awarded the “Bio Zertifikat”, the much sought-after certifi cation for organic agricultural products. Our growing area in Portugal is certifi ed under the stringent Global GAP guidelines.

We make no compromises when it comes to quality

Our customers have high expectations. We respond to those expectations with strict inspections and quality controls. We handle on average some 50,000 tons of potatoes and 20,000 tons of onions per year. And the trend continues to rise.

The produce is carefully inspected for taste and quality when it arrives, then washed, dried, and sorted. It is stored in silos under optimum temperature conditions until it is ready to ship. Using state-of-the-art packing facilities, we work quickly and with precision, and all produce is handled gently.

For customers with special packaging requests we are pleased to offer customised solutions. We can easily provide everything from the smallest packages to packages weighing up to 25 kilograms.

A reliable partner

We provide maximum freshness and top quality at all times – guaranteed!

As a leading fruit and vegetable wholesaler, we supply the retail food market as well as the wholesale and mail order markets. We also provide organically grown fruits and vegetables, in addition to products cultivated by conventional methods. Our high-quality products are obtained from more than 200 well-known and respected growers located all over the globe.

In addition to our company headquarters in Lambsheim, Germany, we also maintain and operate our own facilities in France and Portugal.

Customised fl exibility

It goes without saying that reliable and punctual delivery is of the essence for our customers.

Thanks to highly effi cient packaging facilities and our own fleet of delivery vehicles, we are well equipped to deliver in large volumes, even on short notice.

And we are working steadily to expand our delivery program and capacity.

Organic products for the most discriminating customers

In addition to potatoes and onions cultivated according to conventional methods, we also offer organic potatoes and organic onions. We handle on average some 7,500 tons of potatoes and 1,500 tons of onions per year in the organic segment. And in this most demanding of market segments, demand is increasing steadily. Regular customer audits and third-party inspections guarantee a uniformly high level of quality.

We process and package organic products in special zones reserved for them, virtually eliminating any possibility of contamination. We rigorously follow our customers’ specifi cations. Special packaging such as compostable plastic containers is also available from Wüst. It is for good reason that we are a licensed organic packager.

Always working for you

We attach great importance to fl exibility. Using our own fl eet of modern trucks and refrigerated vehicles, we supply our customers every single day with fresh goods. Reliably, punctually, quickly.

It is your success that is at stake, after all, and we don’t want to leave anything to chance.


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